Best Cognitive Enhancers For Improved Memory and Focus

Cognitive decline may be experienced in different ways by different people. Some may find they are having a hard time concentrating while others struggle with recall. Some may find their processing time has slowed, as has their overall energy level. Most battling with cognitive issues are likely to be experiencing multiple symptoms. Finding the right method or supplement to address these symptoms can also feel like a daunting task. The options can feel limitless. Price is a concern. Below is a list of options that are top in their respective categories.


1. Addium – Most Improved Focus & Information ProcessingReview of Addium Smart Drug

If razor sharp focus is what you’re looking for, Addium can deliver results. With a greater ability to focus comes faster and more accurate information processing. Users have also reported feeling effects such as improved critical thinking, clarity, and a bounce in energy. If you’re worried about the effects of an increased energy level, you can set your worry aside. Addium has included in its formula multiple ingredients that counterbalance symptoms of anxiety. This supplement has something to offer everyone looking to improve their cognitive abilities. The makers of Addium are so confident in the product’s effectiveness there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Read More About Addium Here, Try Addium For Free Here.


2. Adderin – Most Memory ImprovementAdderin Nootropics

Adderin promise a noticeable improvement in short term memory, but an even more pronounced improvement for those with the long term memory issues. Especially for those over the age of 40, when memory issues are often more pronounced, this supplement really hones in on this natural side-effect of aging. As a bonus, Adderin delivers in other categories as well. Focus, clarity, precision, and energy are all areas where users can see improvement. More motivation and extra energy that is not followed by an energy crash. Better concentration and improved focus. All excellent side effects, but it is the effect on memory that is the real winner for this nootropic stack. Try Adderin for FREE here, Read more about Adderin here.


3. Geniux – Most Comprehensive IngredientsGeniux Bottle

The formula that comprises Genius includes 20 of the top-rated components for nootropic supplements on the market. This supplement is 100% natural with no fillers that will provide your brain with everything it needs to improve performance. Geniux promises a comprehensive and fast-acting formula to improve your attention span, increase energy levels, and clear a foggy mind. And that is just a few of the benefits. It also offers a money-back guarantee. With a formula that covers a wider range of improvement categories than the competition, no one should be left feeling their cognitive pain point hasn’t been addressed. Try Geniux Here, Read more about Geniux Here.


4. Reduce Stress – Most Affordable

Reducing stress is the most affordable cognitive enhancer. Prolonged stress contributes to a variety of health-related issues. Cognitive decline is no exception. In the young, stress increases the likelihood of mental and mood disorders. It is even suspected to lead to learning challenges. Stress reduction may actually slow progress of age-related cognitive decline and disorders. High levels of cortisol, a steroid hormone, has been proven to damage the brain. Activities like meditation, writing in a journal, or focusing on your favorite hobby can help maintain healthy brain function through stress reduction. Talking about what you’re feeling and healthy emotional expression is also a great stress reliever. The best part? You can get the benefits without spending a dime.

5. Brain Training – Most Preventative

This one is easy to puzzle out. What if you don’t currently have any symptoms of mental decline, but want to be sure you don’t in the future? Brain Training rounds out the list as one of the best ways to prevent or slow the onset of cognitive decline. You can keep your brain stimulated through a variety of ways. Any form of problem solving puzzles like Sudoku or Word Jumbles will keep your neurons firing. There are also any number of apps available that not only provide entertaining exercises along with daily reminders. Not that you’ll need the reminders for long when you take your brain to the stimulus gym. One study at Johns Hopkins University found benefits of brain training that lasted for up to a decade. Have some fun and stay cognitively healthy at the same time with this method.

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